How can you start an online comic?


And get paid for it?





the comic has to be good


you have to put up a website and pay Google advertisments to advertise it. and let viewers pay to read it online.


The “easiest” way to get fast money for making an online comic is to get advertisers for your site. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the process of getting them. Also you usually only get paid by these sponsors for how many hits you get or how many people from your page click their links, so your comic needs to be popular and have people who actually surf such things.

Another way is to open a Paypal account and ask for donations on your page. Again, this isn’t really a sure thing in the slightest. Most popular comics that I know of are lucky to get $ 100 a month from donations even when offering incentives to fans for donations (ie, posting an extra comic the week a donation goal is reached, etc.)

The way that most popular online comics make money is in merchandise. Many comics make compilations of their comics in book form once they’ve reached about 100+ entries and sell them online. A lot of other comics make t-shirts and some very, very popular online comics that can afford to have them produced even make plushes, action figures and video games for their works. All of these of course require that you have a solid strip with a lot of followers and even the best online comics need at least a year before word gets out and they generate enough fans to start seeing a profit. To speed this process along, a lot of online comic artists get seats in the “artist’s alleys” of comic book, gaming and anime conventions to promote their work or even leave promotional flyers and items in their local comic book stores. And still almost no comic artists make enough profit to live exclusively off of what they make from an online strip.

When first entering the online comic world, you really can’t think too much about the money. Truth be told, doing an online comic is a labor of love. If it’s not something you can do being satisfied with the occasional donation or nothing at all, then you probably shouldn’t start one, if that is what you are considering. If you don’t have the heart and love in the work itself, you’re not going to be able to hang in there long enough to see a profit returned. But if you love the process, have a fairly good concept and talent, and have a lot of patients, then it should pay off somewhere down the line.

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